Erin Partlow: The Dressmaker

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After five days of hard work on what started as an entry to the Dali Museum, sophomore Erin Partlow finished a dress inspired by the Dali painting “Eggs on a plate without the plate.”

Partlow then decided to enter the dress in the Scholastic Art Competition after art teacher Caitlin Clay reviewed and encouraged her to do so. “I didn’t think I was gonna get a gold key let alone be nominated for an award,” Partlow said. However, the airbrushed mermaid dress did win the gold key and she was submitted as an American Visions Nominee. “It was really surprising and it felt pretty good,” Partlow said. On March 13, she will find out if she won the American Visions Award which means she will get to go to New York City where the dress will be displayed.

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