De’Narjae Womack: The Welder

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De’Narjae Womack is a junior and welds at school. He was inspired in the eighth grade by his uncle who helps him while he is in the welding program.
“He gives me the proper equipment I need and tips and advice, also we do little projects,” he said.
To Womack, the program and teacher James Martinez both are very helpful.
“The teacher himself is a great instructor. He is willing to push you and help you if you if you want help to go a step farther after high school. He is always looking for things or stuff to make the program better,” he said. But even after Womack finishes school he wants to pursue welding and get more advanced.
“I plan to become a pipe welder and travel for about 10 years then take a test to become a CWI (Certified Welding Inspector),” he said

Makayla Brown 

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