Hillsborough’s culinary students prepare the perfect fall meal

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Fall is well underway and December is right around the corner. The fall season is met with a lot of anticipation, from Homecoming to Halloween to Thanksgiving break.
One of the recognizable parts of this season is the food. Pumpkin and cinnamon flavored everything, cranberry sauce, turkey, cornbread, stuffing and that’s just naming a few.
In preparation for the season, we asked some culinary students created their favorite fall treats based on their own most memorable dishes of the season.
“I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I still really, really like pumpkin pie,” sophomore Niah Ceparano said. “I actually baked it from scratch before.”
Ceparano and fellow culinary student junior Shawnee Martin have both been baking since childhood and know how to make many of the traditional Fall foods.
“We normally make sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, fudge … and it’s me, my mom and my grandma that usually bake,” Shawnee said. “[My favorite is] probably pumpkin pie.”
Senior Caleb Berry agreed although he admitted he’s not much of a baker. “Honestly more so pumpkin pie,” he said. “Pumpkin pie is the best thing to eat.”
Students in the program have been making different types of pie in the kitchen for the last few weeks. Culinary instructor Dalton Dunn is planning on teaching more fall recipes to his students in the coming months.

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