Things to do on Halloween

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1)Watch movies with friends
Whether you go out to the movies, or stay in and watch childhood favorites, this is always a good, safe alternative to going out. If you have Netflix, you could watch: “Coraline”,“The Sixth Sense” or “American Horror Story.”

2)Pumpkin carving contest
Go to your local grocery store or a nearby pumpkin patch and get a few pumpkins. Bring them home and have a contest with friends by seeing who can carve the most creative pumpkin. You can buy pumpkin carving kits at a grocery store, near where the pumpkins are sold.

3)Have a costume party
For many people, this is a Halloween tradition. Cheap and easy DIY costumes can be found online, YouTube or at

4)Cook something sweet with friends
An easy and festive dessert is ghost strawberries. Dip some strawberries in melted white chocolate and add facial features with chocolate chips, leave a little drip and let it harden.

5)Have a bonfire
Tell scary stories with a big group around a bonfire on Halloween, you can make your own story or find some online. If you’re not up to get spooked keep it simple and roast some marshmallows and make s’mores.

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