Last minute Halloween costumes

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ERROR: Costume not found

Don’t have a lot of time to come up with a costume before Halloween night? Take a white t-shirt and write “ERROR 404: Costume Not Found” and you’re done. No effort required.



For this costume all you need is a colorful shirt and jeans or a colorful/ flowery dress, a flowery headband, some round sunglasses and a peaceful attitude.


To have a super easy costume that’s won’t make you in the Florida heat all you need is a white shirt (write life guard on the back) and red shorts. Pair that outfit with flip flops, a fanny pack and some sunglasses.



For this look all you need is a fancy dress or suit and a mask that matches your outfit and covers only a portion of your face. This look is more suited for a party and not trick or treating but an easy look to pull off.

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