Hillsborough hosts its first college decision day

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The first ever college decision day was held April 12, to honor

and recognize graduating seniors for deciding which college they plan to attend in the upcoming semesters.
Family and friends were invited to watch as their seniors walked across the stage, as a representative from their chosen college spoke their name into the microphone, receiving a piece of the college’s merchandise from Principal Gary Brady and Assistant Principal Phillip Morris.
“I felt so accomplished hearing them say my name, and walking across the stage,” senior Markinson Alume said. He was accepted to the University of South Florida, Bethune-Cookman University, and others, but ultimately decided Florida Atlantic University was his best choice.
“I wanted to go somewhere a little away from home, but still close,” he continued.
With this being the first of its kind, college decision holds potential to become an annual event acknowledging seniors who have decided on their college choice.
The ceremony only lasted the duration of first period, and once it was complete, seniors were released back to their second-period classes and guest were welcomed to refreshments.
“An entire day dedicated to the students who get accepted and decided on a place is a big decision,” said senior Pierre Alsint. After applying to 12 different colleges across the nation, Alsint was accepted to his top six choices, saying Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is the school for him.
“We should definitely keep college decision day, it’s a day that should be cherished,” Alsint continued.

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