Orchestra and band spring into the final concert of the year

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The familiar melody of the Mii Plaza theme song resounded in the auditorium. The band and orchestra’s Spring Concert began with small chambers who played popular pieces arranged by students.

Over the span of weeks, the band has prepared theme songs from movies including The Incredibles, Rocky, and Aladdin. The musicians practiced their songs for at least an hour a day in and out of school.

The senior drum major, Mica Jadick’s favorite song was The Incredibles, performed by the Jazz 1 class.

“Incredibles has a difficult time signature to adjust to,” she said. “But I’m so happy it went well and a lot of my friends said it was their favorite piece we played, too.”

The high brass ensemble played the Rocky Theme and the wind ensemble played a 90s medley and a Holst piece with three movements. Jadick had solos in both performances.

The entire orchestra played The Hall of the Mountain King and Ancient Ritual. However, according to orchestra members, the performances were substandard.

“The performances did not go as well as I anticipated,” junior Navya Bandharam, flute and oboe player, said. “I just think it was because there were a lot of other things going on that preoccupied everyone and that caused there to be a lack of rehearsal time and organization.”

IB juniors also had less time to practice. Junior violinist Jessalyn Mendoza who won outstanding junior for orchestra, was only in class every other day. “I practiced at home when I could but it was difficult with EE deadlines and IOCD preparation,” she said.

Jadick added that transitions could be improved. “The most difficult part of any concert is figuring out how to make the transitions between performances almost seamless,” she said.

But despite the hiccup, the Spring Concert was more about finishing the year off by commemorating those in the program. For Jadick and the other seniors, the Spring Concert was their last one. “It was definitely a really emotional day for the seniors,” Jadick said. “[The concert was] bittersweet especially because that was the last time we would ever play as part of the band.”

As a show of appreciation for the departing seniors, section leaders gathered in the band room before the concert to hand out paper plate awards, which reminded the band members of the year’s highlights.

Next year, the drum majors are sophomores Amber Lo and Riwk Sen. “I was ecstatic when I found out since I was looking forward to this since middle school,” Lo said. “The impact I want to make on Band is for us to have a solid ideology and identity well after my class leaves and for the Band to have a renewed sense of pride for what we do.”

Sen has plans for the year to come as well. “I really don’t care about winning all these competitions and trophies, unless that’s what the Band wants,” he said. “If I have contributed to the Band being in a better place than before the next marching season, then I have done my job. I want to be the person my peers need me to be, and nothing less.”

“Playing as an orchestra is always a learning experience because we work with others who share a similar interest to make music,” Mendoza said. “I can’t wait until the next spring concert.”

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