Students are not allowed to order food deliveries

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With the instructions to meet at Wilder Street and their cash or credit card in hand, countless students pick up their food from the uber driver.
“I used to order food from McDonald’s to the front of the school and I would go outside to pick it up,” freshman Ashley Garcia said.
However, the policy that students cannot order food apart from school lunch has always been intact.
According to Quasar Givens, assistant principal of Student Affairs, the administration must enforce the rules that the district established. “The two primary reasons are number one: you don’t know what you are getting when you order food in, so there is always the potential that someone could get sick. But probably most importantly is because the district buys food and they have food here for the students and it is a form of competition.”
In response to pizza and Uber eats deliveries, faculty in the office remind the students that they cannot order food and also notify the Uber drivers. “We don’t take their food, we don’t eat their food,” Givens said. “We will allow them to sometimes go and eat their food in the auditorium as a one-time courtesy and then after that, we contact the parents to make them aware of it because in most cases that is the parents’ money.”
The alternatives to ordering food are bringing food from home or buying the school lunch.

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