Student opens custom jersey business

For senior Chad Harbin, 2:55 P.M. may mean the end of school, but at 3:00 P.M., work at his business just begins.

About a year ago, Harbin started Jersey Enterprise. “I [make] custom t-shirts and I also do custom jerseys for any sports team and any player,” said Harbin. He began the business because he realized that his friend had a successful business with a similar idea. In order to advertise his business. Harbin created an Instagram page and turned it into a business account. “I follow sports pages and [when] they post, I just comment and a lot of their fans they’ll hit me up and message me for jerseys,” he said.

Harbin’s business is a solo venture, as he doesn’t have any employees working for him.

In order to carry-out orders, Harbin has a distribution center produce the clothing and then ship it to him. His orders have quickly grown since he started. “It’s not like I make 20 bucks a week, or [anything] like that; I make about 800 bucks a week off of it.”

For Harbin, managing school and work can sometimes prove to be difficult. “I’ll have a lot of people message me during school about it so sometimes it does get distracting, but school always has to come first,” he said. Once school ends and he is at his home, Harbin switches gears and starts work.

Harbin’s family and friends acknowledge the possible future he has in business as a result of his success selling jerseys. “They think it’s good for the future because it helps my business skills…for when I become bigger in the future,” said Harbin.

Harbin is not exactly sure how much further he can continue with his sports business, but he does have vague plans for the future. Although he isn’t entirely sure on a specific career in the future, Harbin plans on studying and going into the business field later on. However, Harbin continues to try to grow his business because he has a passion for sports. “I love sports and so I love selling [things] about sports.”