Boy squads battle

It seems every IB class has its own signature boy squad. We compared the junior and senior groups to see how they stack up.

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Rude Boys

Courtesy of Drew Fonda
The “Rude Boys” pose for a picture during spirit week.

During IB passing time, usually the “Rude Boys” can be heard or seen in the halls.

This IB senior boy group includes Drew Fonda, Lior Gazar, Aaron Jensen, James Roberts, and Wilson Morse.

The Rude Boys have been friends for most of their high school years. However, their name was not thought of by any of the members.

“We were given the name by a traditional student a couple of years ago,” Gazar said. “He saw us walking through the hallways and his exact words were ‘Man, y’all look like some rude boys.’”

The name stuck, and since then they have been referred to as the ‘Rude Boys’.

While their name sounds negative, the boys would like it to be known that they are anything but rude. “While the name is seemingly negative, we are actually a very nice and charitable group,” Morse said.

One cause the boys have participated in is in ‘Push Nation’, which is a volunteering opportunity for individuals to help create new opportunities for those who are handicapped.

Most of the boys are athletic and the group includes members that participate in baseball, soccer, football, rowing, or golf.

Aside from sports, the group are also involved in several clubs.

“Aaron and [I] run FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Wilson is the president of the ultimate Frisbee Club, and Lior and James run Jewish Awareness Club,” Fonda said.

Fonda is also in charge of running the Twitter account for the Rude Boys. The account currently has 25 followers, and they typically tweet “motivational” tweets.

When not at school, the clique typically participates in ac-tivities including basketball, watching sporting events, playing golf, going to concerts, and watching Conor McGregor highlights.

When asked about their competitor, Alpha Booler House, many Rude Boys said they view them as irrelevant, and that they are uninformed as to who is the better squad.

Alpha Booler House

Carolin Hearne
Members of ABH pose in their “Bupreme” shirts.

Wanting to create a fraternity-esque group while still in high school, junior boys formed Alpha Booler House (ABH) last year.

ABH consists of many members, but the main ones include William Andrews, Carlos Romero, Amit Das, and James Nguyen.

“Alpha means you’re the greatest, and the best,” Andrews said. “Booler means like, when you bool out, you’re just coolin’. The word Booler came from ‘cool’ but then the Bloods said ‘bool’ so we take boolin’ as like you are eating and treating yourself.” [Editor’s note: ABH is in no ways affiliated with the Bloods gang].

Alpha Booler House has some unique qualities, one being their frequent calls to each other on Skype most nights throughout the week. “Our Skype meetings are places of business and boolery,” Andrews said. “We clown, plan things, debate topics, and design merchandise”.

A popular competition Alpha Booler House has is with the members of the other junior boy group ‘Hydration Nation.’ This is in addition to their rivalry with the Rude Boys.

Alpha Booler House and Hydration Nation played each other in a congenial basketball game at a nearby park, in which no one really knew the final outcome of the score.

Within this game, Alpha Booler Houses lost several players, including one who left to pick up his mom and four others who suffered minor injuries on the court. However, the boys still had fun.“It was a good way to connect with the other guys in our grade,” Andrews said.

Alpha Booler House also makes clothing. “We’re trying to get it out by winter break,” Das said. “We will be selling them for ten or twenty dollars”.

The group made shirts for themselves which, although not available for purchase yet, say “Bupreme”.

Bupreme is a spin on the popular brand ‘Supreme’, but has a B for the Booler in ABH. Each member of ABH has a shirt.

The Alpha Booler House members plan to continue with their clique until they graduate, and would be possibly open to accepting new members into it.

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