‘Caps Lock’ has a new meaning


For this special day, I would like to share some of my opinions on ‘Caps Lock’.

Prior to texting, Caps Lock was primarily used for capitalizing pronouns and the first letter of a word that starts a sentence, now they are used by teens everywhere to show just how excited they are. I don’t really understand why teens do this (myself included), by using all Caps you tend to portray that the person is yelling or too excited for a normal “Hahahaha”, I would never use it when I am actually mad at someone.

When I’m mad I actually send messages like an educated student, using commas, periods and correct capitalization.

So when we text in all caps why is it only to yell in a non-mad way?

Well, I don’t fully understand it, but parents don’t understand it AT ALL. My mom has gotten mad at me before for sending her a text similar to “ THAT’S SO WEIRD” and she replied with “do not yell at me.” Do all parents not understand the unspoken rules of using Caps Lock?

Personally, I am going to continue using caps lock in its strange way, even though the new millennial rules of it are VERY CONFUSING.