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Creative Commons

Named International Day of Peace in 1981 by the United Nations, Sept. 21 is celebrated every year as a day to commit to peace. When thinking of world peace, the question of whether we have progressed in it comes up. We asked students if the world has and how we can progress it even more.

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Hirsh Kaearia says the world has gotten more peaceful
Erica Mack thinks that peace hasn’t progressed much
Norman Bukingolts says we should value each others’ opinions
Natalie Franco believes world peace is an issue
Thu Nguyen believes we should start with education
Emma Zimmerman thinks that we have not made any progress towards peace
Linda Wilson believes that we cannot progress peace because mankind is too imperialistic
Amanda Truong thinks the United Nations has progressed us in peace
Zaan Gast says everything has a give and take
Emma Meskunas says technology is growing
Carol Cummings says the world has evolved

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