Seniors celebrate Spirit Week

During the seniors' Spirit Week leading up to Prom, seniors dress according to the theme "Aloha Monday," "Tailgate Tuesday" , "Peace Out Wednesday" and "Nick Vs Disney Day".

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  • With a lei around her neck, Alize Diaz says that she likes spirit day. "It showed how much pride we take in our school," she said.

  • On the H Patio, Savannah Puleo and Bryce Morangne stand with their hands up to pose for an Instagram picture. Puleo said that she "will post [the picture on Instagram] later on today."

  • During A lunch, Julia Slater and class mates stand together celebrating the first day of spirit week. Slater said that she "loved getting the chance to dress up with [her] friends; it makes [the day] more fun too."

    Courtesy of Julia Slayter

  • Dancing in a hula position, Lana Pearson and friends stand together for Aloha Monday.

  • At the beginning of B lunch, seniors Claudia Berrora, Jenika Freeman, Marlee Rose and Caroline Suddath model for instagram. Berrora said that "Although many people didn't participate, it was nice to still see some seniors show their school spirit."

  • Taking a selfie, Olivia Knowlton and her friends enjoy day 2 of senior spirit week. Knowlton went on to talk about how "being a senior is so much fun!"

  • Listening to music, senior Nate Dantly jr. stands on the H about to go to class. When asked why he wore a Heat shirt Dantly said,"i like dressing up for spirit week and im also a big fan of the Heat".

  • IB seniors sit at lunch on "Tailgate Tuesday" wearing sports gear.

  • Sitting eating lunch, Tim Elko and his friends talk about how spirit week is going so far. Elko stated, "spirit week is helping display the excitement we have for prom this weekend."

  • Before class, Jarred Rumball and Megan Mccarthy, stand on the H about to go to second period. When asked if he liked the idea of "Peace Out Wednsday" he said, "yeah, I like the idea, I like spirit week in general."

  • During A lunch, Liz Linton and Sabrina Chang stand as they enjoy day three of senior spirit week. Linton stated, "Sure, I like spirit week. I get to dress up with all my friends".

  • Standing together, Odessa Churchill and friends look at their shoes for spirit day during A lunch. " It's fun planning and dressing up (for spirit week)" said Churchill.

  • Taking a group photo for Twitter and Instagram, IB seniors during lunch gather together to celebrate "Peace Out Wednsday".

  • After third period, Davion Lewis stands on the H patio as the famous Disney character Sully for " Nick Vs Disney Day".

  • Preparing to take a photo for Instagram dressed as the characters from Kim possible, Morgan Vandall and friends put face paint on to take a "perfect picture" said Vandall.

  • Standing at C lunch , Jalen Chambers and Duran Bell wait to get lunch. Chambers ,when asked if he liked spirit week said, "yes i do, this was the best day though so i tried the hardest and dressed as sponge bob."

  • After B lunch, Erika Mondragon and friend talk about why they dressed as Mickey and Minnie. " we dressed as Minnie and mickey because it is legendary to dress as them."

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