Cafeteria worker, Benita Byrd, retires after 27 years

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Benita Byrd, known to almost everyone as Ms. B, retired today after 27 years working the cafeteria.

Assistant Principal Mick Boddie spoke on the behalf of Byrd’s retirement and said, “Just keep on living and doing your thing. So again, we will miss you, but hey, you’re moving and doing some good things, and you keep it up,” ┬ábefore thanking Byrd for her years at Hillsborough.

Judith Harrison was the first to offer up stories about her times working with Byrd before closing with, “She has been the salvation of a lot of kids here. I know that they look up to her, and they’re going to miss you, and God knows I am.”

Senior Christine Morris found out about Byrd’s retirement and said, “let’s petition.” “Her smile, man, she will talk your ear off, but she is the sweetest thing in the world.”

Byrd worked until 12:15 on her retirement day and said, “Well, I don’t know how to answer [how Hillsborough has changed me], its just always been fun with the kids.”

“Well, I’m going to travel, my daughter is going to take me to Hawaii. And, well, I forgot where else they’re going to take me, but I’m fitting to do a little thing,” Byrd said laughing and smiling.

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