Students test their senses


Although taking an online class can be troublesome, Heather Richardson has made it more enjoyable for her students. She has created the sensation stations in which her students get a hands on experience on how the different senses function.

These stations consist of fun activities including, vision altering goggles, color perception tricks, and manipulating taste buds. The main goal was to have a fun way for students to retain what they learned.

These stations have always been a tradition for Richardson while she has been working at Hillsborough high school. She was not about to stop just because her students were taking her psychology class as an online course. “It’s a fun and interactive way to help students understand the different senses and how they work” said Richardson.

Students have expressed the difficulty of having an online teacher for their course. The assistance from Richardson has helped them to comprehend what they are learning. “It was a fun experience that allowed me to learn about the different sensations- it helped me to understand them because FLVS doesn’t work for me very well” said Morgan Bott.

Although the online course may be a challenge for some students, Richardson is there to help them succeed by assisting them with any questions they may have and clarify what they don’t understand or remember.