Seniors stand alone for Spirit Week


Seniors Cameron Fishback and Saajan Patel dress as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for character day.

Spirit week is meant to unite the school, but this year it only caused more division. Many seniors were shocked on Friday, September 26 when the afternoon announcements came on stating that the school would be having a unified spirit week. This raised an uproar within the senior class and their cries for a separate spirit week would not go unheard.

It was tradition for the seniors to have their own spirit week for both homecoming and prom. When April Fiore, the senior council sponsor, was notified that her councils spirit week proposal had been turned down she was disappointed. “Our students work hard to unify the class and it gets shut down,” Fiore said.

As news spread about the canceled event seniors took to twitter to create their own spirit week without approval from administration.  Both traditional and IB students fetched ideas for the different days. They were determined to make their spirit week happen.

The reasoning behind having a joint spirit week was to bring together the HHS family as they come “home” for homecoming. Although some were satisfied with this reasoning, many were not. Bianca Cegatte had her hopes up for this year’s senior spirit week “I looked forward to every senior privilege I witnessed as an underclassman. After putting in just as much effort and achieving the same thing as past seniors—I wasn’t getting the same rewards,” Cegatte said.

Due to the chaos and frustration of the seniors, administrators met and decided that there would be a senior spirit week. Guidance counselor Mickie Boddie was also supportive of the change. “The key for all of this stuff is for the kids to have fun…so we’re not going to change it for the kids to have less fun,” Boddie said.

This year would mark a change in the senior spirit week. IB seniors were notoriously known for having their own spirit week. However, this year’s event would be the same for both Traditional and IB students. This would help to bridge the gap between the two.

This year’s senior spirit week will include Monday’s College/Career/Frat day, Tuesday’s character day, Wednesday’s rep your own Heritage Day, Thursday’s yoga day, and Friday’s toga day.