Homecoming and SAT are on the same day


SAT on the same day as Homecoming has been a no-go for many seniors. While this is tragic news for some upperclassmen, the underclassmen are less affected by this because they’re able to take the school-provided test in March.

SGA scheduled and reserved the Cuban Club in Ybor without realizing the date for the SAT also landed on that Saturday morning, Oct. 1. Once the date was set, it would have been too much of a hassle to change, so SGA stuck with the date.

“I think it really sucks because it is too many things in just one day, especially since it’s senior year. We should be able to enjoy Homecoming and prepare for it without having the stress of taking the SAT,” said senior Shreya Dundigalla.

Some students chose not to take the SAT on Saturday due to preparations for Homecoming. “I am just not going to take it. Maybe I’ll just sign up for a later one, but I have a lot of hair appointments and things like that to get ready for Homecoming,” said senior Lauren Reigel.

Senior Levi Bognar, who has been actively studying for the SAT for weeks, was not fazed by these events occurring on the same day. “I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I think that you know… you just have to spend your morning getting really focused on the SAT, and then after that, you can just focus on having fun,” he said.