Two students become princesses for a day


Jayla Rogers

Senior Mya Joseph and Junior Monteria Gilchrist accept the gifts awarded to them through AVID’s Project Homecoming. Both girls will be provided with all of their homecoming necessities. “Having our needs provided for makes getting ready [for homecoming] easier… everything will be less stressful,” Gilchrist said.

Most girls dream about being a princess, but for these two girls that dream became reality.

A wave of excitement washed over the classroom as Tyler “The Celebrity” Mills walked through the door with a large bouquet of flowers, a colorful card, red and black balloons and a gold crown to match. Jazmine Clarke, the AVID Coordinator, followed close behind him.

Two students, senior Mya Joseph and junior Monteria Gilchrist, were chosen as winners for Project Homecoming, on Monday, September 19. Each girl will have all of their homecoming necessities sponsored by Celebrity Citizens and their CEO, Tyler “TheCelebrity” Mills, a former student and 2014 Homecoming King at Hillsborough High. These necessities will include their tickets, makeup, hairstyling, manicure and pedicure, professional wardrobe styling, a chauffeur to homecoming, and professional pictures and videos. “Basically it was just an opportunity for students to go to homecoming knowing everything they need is already taken care of,” Clarke said.

Clarke has also sponsored the same event for the 2016 prom, but has not been able to fund all of the necessities herself. “Tyler called me up and said he wanted to do it for homecoming… so I told him ‘you do all of this and I’ll throw in a 50 dollar Visa Gift Card,’” Clarke said.

“I was doing a presentation for the class we were in, and then he started announcing that I won and called my name… everyone was looking at me and I was smiling really hard,” Gilchrist said beaming with gratitude.

The second winner was equally as stunned. “He surprised me, it was like he came out of nowhere,” Joseph said.

The only requirements to become a princess was a one-page essay and  qualification for a free and reduced lunch.

“This year, I plan on doing the same thing for prom, two girls will get all of the things they need to be sponsored,” said Clarke looking forward to the future. More information about essays and submissions will be released closer to the prom date.