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Ringing in the new school year can be an overwhelming time for many students. Between seeing friends after the summer and returning to the school routine, a range of emotions, such as those felt at this year’s open house, can result.

The pressure was on as students met their teachers, were introduced to their classes, and got their supply lists. Many students believe open house is crucial to being successful for a new school year. They find that open house can provide them with many benefits including meeting teachers, getting supply lists, being introduced to new clubs and sports and becoming familiar with the school and where everything is located.

Senior Armand Chalk says it is “very important” to meet and “get to know your teachers” before you start the new school year. Fellow senior Nichelle Maldonado has gone to open house every year of attending Hillsborough High. She says that it is important for not only the students but “the parents [to] know the teachers so they are familiar with the family and the background.” She is most looking forward to the events of senior year including “homecoming and prom” as well as taking AP Psychology which she is hoping to major in after she graduates. Open house empowered these senior’s excitement for this school year and it’s many functions.

Incoming freshman Ame-thyst Dowling said that her impression after open house was that her “teachers would challenge her” which is exactly what she is looking forward to. The challenge. Open house allowed her to “make a good first impression with her new teachers” which is what every freshman hopes for. One of those challenging freshmen IB teachers, Ms. Griffin, said that open house can show fearful ninth grade students that “it’s possible to do this.” According to her, students should see their teachers “before that first day of school.” An “accurate schedule” and conversation between parent and teacher is essential to a successful first day of high school.

Parents feel the same way. Melanie Perez, mother of Sophmore Mia Perez, “appreciate[s] meeting the teachers and get[ting] information about the class” while Jennifer Crisafulli, parent of 10th grader Ashley Crisafulli, enjoys putting a “name to the face for the teachers.”

Hillsborough High’s principal Gary Brady encourages students “to introduce themselves” at open house while also enjoying the “awesome” welcoming festivities that capture “the spirit of it.” When asked what his goals for this school year were, Mr. Brady answered, to improve his main focus “attendance, behavior, and academics” which are the key characteristics to “a ninety percent chance of graduation.” He is also working to improve the “culture and communication” of the school. The HHS population is in for a strong year with Gary Brady guiding it.

However, lots of students don’t attend open house, finding it not worth their time especially if they already have their supply lists. Sophomore Bryce Tatum agreed saying that supply lists are “the only reason why” students should attend open house and already having them makes it unnecessary. Also adding that “you will still be meet[ing] your teachers on the first day of school” anyway.

Open house is also a time when clubs and groups can promote fundraisers they’re organizing, including Hillsborough’s Big Red Band, who performed at the freshmen orientation. They sold vintage band shirts to help raise money for their 2017 trip to Washington D.C. They’re also conducting a shoe drive that will last until Sept. 30th funding the same trip.

With anticipation and warmth in the air, newcomers are excited to join HHS.

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