#firstworldprobz no more

In the hallways and online, you hear the term “third world country” or even “first world probz”, but Sandra Grudic has something to say about that.

Grudic is the Theory of Knowledge teacher for the IB juniors and seniors and “third world country” is a phrase brought up a fair amount in her classroom.

This term is misused regularly and Grudic states, “since the fall of communism, there really isn’t a ‘second world’, therefore there is no ‘third world.’” Due to the fall of the worlds, they got “renamed into global north and into global south.”

She understands that “it doesn’t make the term global north anymore accurate per say” because then that would mean “in the southern hemisphere everything is developing, which is not true.”

Grudic will continue to correct students, in an informative, non-threatening way of course, and educate the children in her class where the term originated.