Chronicle hits theaters this weekend

Chronicle the action thriller is hitting theaters this Friday. From the various commercials shown on television and in theaters earlier this month the movie seemed like it would be about dumb kids that can move things with their mind. On the contrary, the movie is a bit humorous with lots of jokes today’s teens can relate to, as well as characters that many teens can relate to as well. Dane Dehan plays the misunderstood, depressed teen who is later faced with issues of morality once his powers become stronger. Alex Russell plays Matt Garretty, the intellectual yet fun cousin of Dane. The third boy who gains superpowers is Michael B. Jordan, who plays Steve Montgomery, the popular, athletic teen running for senior class president. These three different boys band together to produce a friendship that will be tested by the strength of their powers. Although their powers are spectacular and gain them popularity, they are tried by family problems at home and their dating lives, just like what teens today have to deal with. Another great feature of the movie was how realistic the special effects were, they were very visceral and it could make you believe the story for a moment. Overall the movie was a lot better than I expected it to be and I was glad I went.