NBA 2K Scores with “2K21”

As most gamers know, National Basketball Association (NBA) 2k21 was released on  Sep . 4  and fans were ready  to see what’s new. 

NBA 2K21 is a basketball similation video game and is one of the most popular games in the world because of all the different game modes it has.

2k created a new  neighborhood in the “Mycareer” game mode  where you can go  to  the store, get a haircut, go to the gym, as well as play a game of basketball as your character.  This year  they also added a new story to the “Mycareer” game mode which involves going through high school and college basketball games, but there’s an option to skip right to the  NBA.  

New rosters were something that was added this year because the game is based off real  life, they updated player overalls, statistics and abilities, to go off the real-life performance of NBA players.

 The  things  that are impressive about 2k this year are that there are a lot of different player build combinations like, being a “sharpshooter” who is good at shooting, a “slasher” who scores around the basket better than other players, and “lockdown” who is good at defense and not one type of player is too good.

The game depends on skill because if you are new or not very good you will lose most of your games. 

In 2k, you make your  player better in different  areas of the game by upgradinr and earning badges which gives your player a boost,  but until you upgrade your player, he will not be very good at anything.  Personally, I like how even if gamers spend money on upgrades you  can’t  make  your player  over powered  right away because you have to earn badges earn and there is also a level cap.  

 What has been  disappointing  so far has been that the game is very similar to 2k20. The graphics look the same and they didn’t add many new animations to how characters  move. Other than that, it’s a great updated version of the game that can be played with  or without friends.