“Quiplash” is a blast for all ages

Introducing the no-rules party game that is sure to leave your family with good laughs and great memories, “Quiplash.” This say-anything game allows for three to eight players for families big and small. To play, just connect your phones or tablets to the platform of your choice and bring your jokes. “Quiplash” is available on just about any platform ranging from Xbox, PlayStation or your PC, all the way to Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Comcast Xfinity. 

After your phones or tablets are connected just wait for the game to send you a prompt for you to fill in the blank with your classic joke. My favorite prompt being, “A double rainbow doesn’t have gold at the end of it. Instead it has _.” However, each prompt will be seen by two people. Once everyone has submitted their responses to the prompts, just sit back and wait for the comedy. For the competitive jokesters out there, the game will then show the prompts with the two responses and leaves the family to vote on which response got the better laugh out of them. 

The game also allows for family that is not there to join in on the fun and have a good laugh by joining as the audience. The audience has a capacity of 10,000 so send the code to as many people as you can. They can also vote on their favorite response and potentially tip the odds in the underdogs favor. 

Near the end of the game, the “last lash” will happen signaling the final prompt where everyone’s point rewards are tripled, and everyone receives the same prompt. Then in tournament style, the game begins showing the players responses until the victor is decided. Finally, the scoreboard is revealed showing each players placement in humor with tops jokes and responses shown on the side. 

The game is a fiesta of humor and bonding that is perfect for times like these. The 15 minute games allow you to play to your families hearts desire.