“Destiny 2” loses its fun qualities

“Destiny 2” is the sequel to the well acclaimed “Destiny,” and let’s just say, a sequel to something doesn’t always make it better.

In “Destiny 2” you play as a guardian and your mission is to protect the last city on earth from an enemy called the darkness that consumes the galaxy. Guardian classes consist of Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, and with these each one has 3 specific subclasses consisting of Arc, Void, or Solar energy.  

See, now with “Destiny,” along with the broken subclasses, there’s a bigger problem, the Player Vs. Player scene. You battle against different Guardians to earn good rewards to get better. The problem with the PvP scene now is everyone is using game-breaking weapons, or armor that just hands them wins, these pieces of armor and weapons are so good it literally just hands the player the win and makes it hard for people who have been playing for years who see the evolution of the game and how it gets worse every time a patch update comes out. Especially in the competitive scene, Trials of Osiris is a game-mode for elite PvP players, and of course everyone wants to play to have fun and win games. 

The thing is, the game isn’t enjoyable anymore. There’s no incentive to even play Trials because everyone uses the same cheesy weapons and make it hard for people who want to play to get better because the only way to get better is if,  by chance,  you get the cheesy weapon and then you become apart of the majority 

 On top of the bad PvP scene, we see streamers, people who have a big voice in the “D2” community sit there and be part of the horrible majority, and it makes it unenjoyable for smaller players who have grinded the game for years.  

Destiny 2″ has been adjusted to hand out wins to novices to get more people to play, and unfortunately the state of the game will die now that people are realizing the bigger picture.