Newest iteration of “Call of Duty” disappoints


Photo courtesy of Activision.

Year after year, fans hope that the newest game will finally bring back a desire to play for hours. Yet again, we’ve been left disappointed. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is simply not the game we hoped for.

I’ve been a fan of “Call of Duty” since I first touched a PlayStation controller back in 2010. I stuck with it even through its jet pack era several years ago, which I actually felt added more enjoyment and action to the franchise. When I learned that this year’s title would return to the foundations of the series’ popularity, I rejoiced. Features I had hoped for would return: boots on the ground; actual strategy; a desire to grind the game for hours until reaching master prestige. The game disappointed me in each regard as the action is slow, camping is a serious issue, and the game developers aren’t releasing significant updates quickly.

There are too many issues for me to even look forward to playing the game anymore. The maps are gigantic, forcing new players into corners due to fear. This only fuels the camping problem, which is even more frustrating to deal with since it takes several minutes to even see another player, only to die within a second to a beginner in a corner. On top of that, the gun balance is unfair. Shotguns are more powerful than any other weapon, forcing you to either join in and use that class or constantly die to it.

The only silver lining in the game is the gun selection. The new customization options are so diverse that players can spend hours fine tuning each gun with its personal attachments and designs. The community has hoped for this feature for several years, so it is exciting to see that it is finally in a “Call of Duty” game.

While updates over the course of the next few weeks could fix several of the issues I mentioned, I just can’t see myself joining another game lobby for the foreseeable future.