Pokémon GO peaks

The global mobile game phenomenon, Pokémon GO, has spread throughout Hillsborough, and students have fallen in love with the newest, consistently growing app.

Pokémon Go is an augmented virtual reality game for both IOS and android devices and is developed by Niantic, Inc. Since it’s release just over a month ago, Pokémon GO has rapidly grown with millions of downloads almost immediately following its release.

“I heard it was fun, and since I was a kid I loved Pokémon and just the thought of catching them virtually was pretty cool, says Senior Jonathan Estevez. Pokémon’s huge fan base has led to the game’s success and many happy ‘Pokémon trainers.’ The missions to “be the best like no one ever was” and “catch ‘em all” is attracting Hillsborough’s students. Sophomore Abby Conger says, “I got it since whenever it first came out.” Even though she says her family and friends forced her to download it, she enjoys looking at the different Pokémon while playing.

Many of the students love the game; however, it also has its downsides on campus. Many students claim there are little to no Pokémon ever on the campus. “I’ve gotten on it but there’s no Pokémon around so I just get off,” says Senior Tyhieme Williams. If ever opened on campus there are very few Pokémon in the nearby list or none at all.

Another downside in some students’ eyes while playing Pokémon GO at Hillsborough is the lack of pokéstops and Pokémon gyms. There is only one pokéstop, and it is located near the Big Red baseball field behind Memorial Middle School. “I think there’s a pokéstop near the baseball field but that’s all,” Estevez said, “There isn’t much at the school.”

Obviously, this won’t stop dedicated students because many of Hillsborough’s own still wait until school hours are up to continue their Pokémon trainer lives. Around the school and in the neighborhood are many pokéstops, Pokémon, and Pokémon gyms waiting for the Big Red to discover and conquer.