Prepping for the 2016 Summer Split

After a second place finish by Team Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) for the North American region (NA) in the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), all eyes have turned towards the team for an impressive Summer Split.

CLG came into the season with the same attitude as every other season: we are the best, this is the golden age for NA. However, Team Immortals (IMT) started off the season more impressive. Going undefeated for nearly the entire split, IMT was known for its cocky attitude and full Korean team –despite being in the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS). When CLG took on the newly created IMT for their second match in the 2016 Spring Split, League’s oldest team prevailed over the undefeated rookies. The insane upset carried CLG’s momentum into the Spring Split Playoffs. After winning the championship against League’s other oldest team, Team Solo Mid (TSM), CLG had secured their spot as one of six teams to compete MSI.

Representing all of NA was a huge task but once again CLG was the only team to beat the undefeated team of the group stage. The Chinese team known as Royal Never Give Up (RNG) was shocked, and CLG earned the spot to move on into elimination round of the tournament.

In elimination round, CLG faced off in a best of five series against Team Flash Wolves (FW) who they had beaten both times in group stage. Again CLG proved to be the better of the two teams and won the series 3-1. This put CLG in the finals against SKT T1 Telecom (SKT).

Being last year’s world champs, SKT represented Korea in dominating fashion and beat CLG in the best of five series 3-0. Despite being swept in the finals, CLG was able to back many of their claims and beat every team at least once in the entire tournament.

The most shocking outcome from the tournament was the representation of support for each region. The five main regions –Korea, China, North America, Europe and Taiwan– were all expected to be heavily supported. However, it was the wildcard region –this year being Turkey– surprised everyone by having the most in-game icons in use to support their region. Although the Turkish team, Super Massive eSports (SUP), ended in last place the team dominated in support.

MSI took place in Beijing, China this year. Being played late at night for the North American spectators did limit much of the support that was possible. Still the lacking of support for CLG was incredible and the team called out their fans to stick with them throughout the Summer Split, claiming they want another chance to take down the Korean Giants at Worlds this year.

CLG faces off against their historic rivals, TSM, to kick off the Summer Split on June 3 at 8 PM EST live on or visit for other links and information.