Euphoria Season Two Leaves Viewers Wanting More

Euphoria is now HBO’s second most watched show. After season one aired, everyone was on the edge of their seats to know what would happen next. Now, after two years of suspense, season two finally premiered in January 2022. Although the season started off with a bit of a curveball, we picked up at a New Year’s after Rue  was abandoned at a train station by her girlfriend, Jules which led to Rue revealing that she had relapsed right after Jules left.  

Shortly after that, Rue and Jules made up. For almost the entire season, Rue pretended to be sober around everyone she knew. In reality, she was doing drugs with Elliot who she met at the New Year’s party.  

While this was going on, Cassie went through a huge character change, if you count stealing your best friend’s boyfriend and personality as character change. Although Maddy is no saint, I don’t think she deserved to be stabbed in the back the way she was this season. Maddy has lived her entire life looking for someone she could rely on, and when she found Cassie, she thought she had a real friend, and then Cassie went and slept with her boyfriend.  

Although there was an unworldly amount of drama this season, we did get some tension relief, mostly from Fez (Angus Cloud) and Lexi, who had the potential for the cutest and most wholesome relationship of the entire show. Fez and Lexi instantly clicked at the start of this season, and they understood each other in a way no one has ever understood them. Although we did not explore their relationship as much as I would have liked to, they still had their cute moments. 

In the last two episodes, we finally get to see Lexi’s play, which we had been hearing about for the entire season. The play was about her entire life, everything that she had observed in her lifetime, and, needless to say, Cassie and Nate were pretty mad. It was probably the highlight of the season. Not only did we get a different point of view on everything that has happened so far, but it was the comedic relief that the season needed. The play basically outed Nate in front of the entire school, and while yes, this might have crossed the line, Nate has done so many horrible things to both Maddy and Cassie, that I don’t even feel bad for him.  

In the first couple of minutes of the finale, it was revealed that Custer, Fez’s former friend, was cooperating with the police. Ashtray, being the loyal brother he has always been, kills Custer, in hopes of protecting Fez. When the police raided their house, Ash took it upon himself to shoot the police officers from the bathroom he had locked himself in, during which he accidentally shoots Fez. Within a few seconds, Ash is shot dead by a police officer, leaving Fez crying out for his little brother while bleeding out on the floor of his own home.  

I feel like they should’ve shown us more about what happened to Fez and Ash, since they are fan favorites in the series. But instead, they gave Elliot three minutes of screen time so he could sing the same lyric over and over again, which took away from the emotional scene.

For season three, I think that Rue is going to have a very difficult time dealing with whatever is likely to happen to Fez, and I hope that this brings her and Lexi closer. However, if you’re like me and you’re desperate to know what happens in season three, that anticipation will just have to wait because Euphoria season three will not premiere until 2024.