The newest season of “Lucifer” devilishly charms


Season four of “Lucifer” was released on Netflix after the streaming giant worked out a deal with Fox to purchase the show and to produce a fourth season.

Since the deal, the show has improved its cinematography greatly, with different colored lighting to add some more symbolism to the characters other than their biblical names and attributes. This small lighting detail is one of the improvements that the switch has brought to the show. However, the show has kept some of the boring and unfunny elements too. Three years of devil puns and one-liners about the big guy may seem like enough, but it doesn’t stop in season four. They get old quickly and make some scenes really boring. Even so, some of the jokes in the show are still funny, and they continue to be throughout the season.

Moving through the series, more people have found out about Lucifer’s true nature as the literal devil, and the show makes use of this as a sort of an inside joke with the viewers. In the last season, Chloe Decker (Lauren German) found out about Lucifer’s true nature and this became the driving force behind the plot of the season. Many of the characters further develop in this season and there are some huge plot twists, but they are all beautifully written and very put together.

As the season came to an end, I was left with nothing more than excitement for the next season. Hopefully, as the show continues to be produced, it will maintain its excellent cinematography and devilishly funny charm in season five.