Sherlock season four is mysteriously good

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Honestly, I did not think I was going to like this season of “Sherlock.” I expected to write a scathing yet funny review that would include something along the lines of, “The three years were not worth the wait.”

But the three years were definitely worth the wait.

Season 4 has everything there is to love from the first three, but it’s all improved. More character development, better visuals, and more sinister villains. Every episode makes you wonder, “How will Sherlock get out of this one?”

I’ll say it again: I was totally planning on writing a burning review during the first episode. Halfway through, the episode began to center around a man who keeps breaking into houses and smashing plaster busts of Margaret Thatcher. I could make a comment about how ridiculous and implausible it is that seemingly every British home would have a plaster bust of Margaret Thatcher, but I think it speaks for itself. It was also interesting that my favorite characters of the episode were the bloodhound and Watson’s baby, both of which were shown for about a minute total.

It didn’t help that I could hardly understand anything Sherlock said, since actor Benedict Cumberbatch insists on speaking at 250 words per minute in a thick British accent.

But from the end of the first episode onward, the season was awesome. I couldn’t even do my homework while watching it, because I just had to know what would happen next.

Episode 2 is a great improvement, and episode 3 is even better. Every plot point showed deeper facets of each of the characters, and the villains became increasingly sinister.

By the last two episodes, I could understand what Sherlock was saying. The visuals became clearer, and the revelation sequences when he finally cracks the case were some of the best in the show.

Although I can’t say I’d be willing to wait two years for another season, Sherlock season three was definitely worth watching.