Downton Abbey

Created in 2010, Downton Abbey shows the life of the British aristocracy and the care of their home – Downton Abbey. “What’s so interesting about a house?” you may ask. Well, once you incorporate all the problems in the 1920’s and family drama, such as inheritance, bastard children and marriages it gets saucy really fast. The best thing about Downton Abbey is the emotional roller coaster that you’re on because as soon as you think the show’s slowing down, a tragedy will occur that, trust me, you did not expect. The writers are also not afraid to kill off main characters, which is a very low move because I have definitely cried multiple times over that problematic circumstance.  Season Six’s air date has now been announced as January 4, 2016, so you still have time to binge watch but I rate it 10/10 so don’t wait too long.