“Virgo World” Proves Lil Tecca Has A Lot to Learn

18-year-old New York rapper Lil Tecca began his career after releasing the song Ransom which won the MTV Video Music Awards for “best song of the summer” in May of 2019. Soon after,  in August, he dropped his first album “we love you Tecca,” which peaked at the Billboards hot 100. Teccas album included one feature from the late Juice Wrld. Tecca just recently joined the rap game and his newest album “Virgo World”, made it clear he has only touched the surface of his career. 

The album “Virgo World” was released on Sept. 18 and only after a few hours, it was number three in Apple Music’s global top 100 charts. The album includes features from Polo G, Lil Durk, NAV, and Lil Uzi Vert. Tecca announced over Instagram live that he wanted to show how he sounded with the bigger named artists. This backfired. Tecca sounds like he’s stealing the flow of these artists. Although no person is entitled to a certain ”flow,” when listening to the songs it’s very hard to determine which rapper is Tecca. 

During another Instagram live, Tecca expressed how the rap game has caused him to dislike himself. “Once you get to the top theirs going to be a lot of [people] who think that they are entitled to something of what you got.” That’s not anything new, at least a large majority of rappers can agree that they had their fair share of fake friends or people who come around only for money and fame. The whole “fake friends” topic is well overplayed when it comes to songs; Tecca seemed to make half his album this topic and the other half about his significant others.  

Tecca is new to the rap scene and he has a lot to learn from the higher-ups. Tecca is really good at picking beats, but he needs to prioritize his time on writing better lyrics and expanding his vocabulary.