“After Hours” reinvents The Weeknd

After dropping two viral singles in late November and another single called “After Hours,” the title of the album, in February, The Weeknd released his full album in March. The Weeknd’s last project “My Dear Melancholy,” was a huge success, but since then, The Weeknd hasn’t released any new music until the release of “Heartless” in 2019. Before the album “After Hours,” it had been two years since any other projects was released.

The album really showed The Weeknd’s range of ability. Between rapping over trap beats or singing angelically over much softer beats, The Weeknd continues to reinvent himself. He always seems to rise to the occasion, this time by making a brilliant album that tells many stories, all sharing similar morals. Personally, the only negative part is the constant focus on drug usage and casual sex.

“After Hours” has already gained over 1 billion streams on Spotify alone. It has sold over 500,000 units about two weeks after its release and is at the top of the Billboard top albums and tracks.