Rapper Juice Wrld passes away


Photo credit to NME/Andy Ford under Fair Use

Late rapper and Chicago-native Juice Wrld (Jarad Anthony Higgins) passed away several weeks ago after his 21st birthday. The tragic loss occurred at the Chicago Midway Airport, only minutes after his flight had landed. The emo rapper died of a seizure that was believed to be caused by his usage of drugs that he had just consumed on his flight over from Los Angeles. “I think it’s really sad because he was such a big influence. It’s definitely a huge warning because people don’t really know the influence and effect drugs have on you. So many people have died already.” said Sannabelle Carter, 9.

Juice Wlrd first blew up in early 2018, with the release of his hit single “All Girls are the Same,” and, not long after, the release of his most popular song, “Lucid Dreams.”

His album containing both of the songs and additional hits such as “Lean Wit Me” and “Black and White” was later released on May 23, 2018. His album, “Goodbye and Good Riddance” swept the nation after going platinum and selling about one million units.

Higgins was seen on a series of features throughout his short career as well. He went from rapping with friends like Ski Mask The Slump God, to even switching up the genre and remixing singer Halsey’s  “Without Me” in early 2019.

Juice Wrld was a successful artist, and his emo style of rap made him extremely popular. “It’s hard because some people saw him as their idol,” sophomore Alejandro Gary said. “I liked him because his music really spoke to me.”