Kanye West proves his genius in “Jesus is King”

Whether you like it or not, Kanye West seems to have taken over the charts with his new Gospel album Jesus is King. After being delayed for 28 days, it seemed as if Ye’ was going to pull another fast one on his fans. The album was set to release Oct. 25 at midnight, but, unfortunately for fans, the album was released a couple of hours later.

Our first preview of Jesus is King was at Coachella earlier this year where West played an unfinished version of the song Water, and ever since that day the unfinished preview was all over Soundcloud. Fans knew that sooner or later Ye was going to drop an album, even if it wasn’t the long-awaited Yandhi.

This isn’t the first time we hear Ye’s spiritual side in his music. We heard it in songs like I am a God, Ultralight Beam, Saint Pablo and Jesus Walks, which appeared on his first project The College Dropout and had enough attention to win him a Grammy. We’ve also heard multiple references about Kanye’s beliefs in his music, and in Saint Pablo, he even has a conversation with God.

Despite seeing and hearing all of the mixed reviews on the album, after a few listens, people are starting to enjoy it. Songs like “Closed on Sunday,” having one of the funniest and catchiest lines being, “Closed on Sunday You my Chick-Fil-A”  which has drawn massive attention to the album and song all over social media. The song itself is still amazing and there’s a certain point in the song that changes the entire mood, the beat switch starts with the lines “Even if I take this walk alone, I bow down to the king upon the throne,” and every time I hear it I’ll start nodding my head to the tempo.

Personally, my current favorite song off the album is Follow God, it honestly reminds me of something I would listen to if I was in the fast lane on the freeway, and the way the beat compliments the melody really sets the tone for the album despite it being the fastest-paced song and second shortest song on the album with a run time of one minute and 45 seconds. Then we have songs like God is, right off the bat with the choir singing the song encaptures you spiritually and literally raises every hair on your body.

Kanye’s recent controversies have brought him some serious pain since 2016 some would argue that Kanye has gone crazy or is still in the “sunken place.” Frankly, I believe Ye is just the only one not pretending to be someone he isn’t. He has become a master in his craft and Jesus Is King reflects that. Kanye isn’t trying to convert anyone with this new album, in fact, some might say it’s just him using his religion to branch out into new genres that the public might not have expected or heard before. On top of that, Kanye also released a movie with the album that was extremely limited to all IMAX theatres across America. There were a few showings at AMC 24 the weekend of the album release but all of the tickets had to be pre-ordered. This is his originality and ability to innovate, which helped him make the number one religious hip-hop album in history.