Melanie Martinez makes a comeback with album K-12


After 4 years without any signs of new releases, the singer Melanie Martinez makes a comeback to the music world after all the controversy, with her sophomore album, K-12. Martinez spent the last few years working on this big project, and she did not disappoint. Besides 13 brand new songs featuring many hits, such as “Show & Tell” and “The Principal,” the album came accompanied by a 90 minute film, starred and directed by the artist.

The musical film sets a dark-pop fantasy world, and contains all the songs and music videos from the album. It develops the character she built on her debut, “Cry baby” in a boarding school environment, where she goes through multiple events and situations that resemble real life problems in a vulnerable way. Along the tracks, she explores delicate topics relating to school and the lives of students, such as oversexualized teens, substance abuse, eating disorders, and self-image problems. In the song “Lunchbox Friends,” she addresses toxic friendships and the lack of self-worth in teenagers, “Come to my house/ Let’s die together/ Friendship that will last forever.” More serious topics, such as eating disorders are also featured in the album. In the song “Orange Juice,” Martinez talks about personal experiences with bulimia, “Enter there, then spit it out of you/ your body is imperfectly perfect/ Everyone wants what the other one’s working.”

“I really like ‘The Principal,’ it’s a straight bop. I don’t really listen to pop music that much but ‘k-12’ tells a story, which is what I enjoy in an album,” sophomore Kaileen Barreto said.