Ariana Grande evolves in “thank u, next”

With the release of a new album just six months after her previous one, “Sweetener”, Ariana Grande has risen to a level of stardom almost equivalent to Taylor Swift. Her new album, “thank u, next”,  demonstrates the evolution of Grande as a singer and person, delivering a wide range of emotions through both pop and r&b beats.

While “Sweetener” was an album completely filled with upbeat songs and a positive message about persevering through hard times, “thank u” is more real, and relatable. It doesn’t stray from the ideas of self-love present in the last album, but Grande focuses more on exploring her flaws, her relationships and her lifestyle, which the listener can relate to more. For instance, in “needy” Grande sings about how her emotions can change a lot and how needy she can be, but she sings about her flaws in such a way that listeners admire her even more for showing her vulnerability.

Her message is simple: discussing your flaws or unusual choices does not deter you from being a formidable, impressive force; strength can come from vulnerability. 

Perhaps my favorite song on the album, “NASA” retains the upbeat, perky beats from “Sweetener”, adding the typical radio sing-along side Grande’s hits have but with a new message of needing space from a friend-with-benefits.