Lil Wayne’s life through ‘Carter V’

Lil Wayne released one of his most anticipated albums ‘Carter V’ in late September. This album release date was marked for 2014 but has been on hold because of legal problems with Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group. Lil Wayne settled in court with the two major record labels. The label violated his contract many times which lead to Lil Wayne filing a lawsuit. But after the long wait, the album is able to drop. Fans and media have been loving the new album since it has been years since the original release date.

The album featured recently passed artist XXXTentacion on the song “Don’t Cry.” XXXTentacion was shot and killed so fans finally got some new music. Lil Wayne also featured Travis Scott, Niki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar and Hip Hop Legend Snoop Dog.

I’ve been listening to Lil Wayne since I first started listening to rap music. Carter IV and III were both amazing to me. I loved every second of them so I was hoping to feel the same way about Carter V.
The opening song “I Love You Dwayne” was a voicemail from Lil Wayne’s mother talking about how great of a child he has been and the great things he’s done for her and his family. “Dwayne, mama proud of you. You done came so far.”

The first song was “Don’t Cry,” and the hook opens with XXXTentacion. This to me was one of the best choruses on the whole album. It was easy to sing along with him. Then Lil Wayne’s verse comes in on “Don’t Cry,” this is one of the most popular songs on the album. Lil Wayne brings up things that most people don’t talk about, like his suicidal thoughts and how he almost killed himself. The best song to really get you in the mood to dance is “Let it Fly” featuring Travis Scott. The whole song is just one big masterpiece with Travis killing the hook and verse.

Listening to the album feels like a short story about Lil Wayne’s life, with a different setting and vibe with each song. Lil Wayne has been trying to release this album for almost 5 years and now that it’s released, “Carter V” has certainly lived up to the hype. This is one of the best album drops of the year. Lil Wayne seems to never disappoint his fans.