John Mayer found everything in his “The Search For Everything” tour

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Every mouth formed the words of his songs. Some tapped toes, others openly danced. On the night of August 13, the seemingly tatted hipsters and laid-back, chill folks enveloped the Amalie Arena with the blues, jazz, and soul of John Mayer.

The opening act was a newly formed Boston band, The Night Game. John Mayer discovered them through Spotify. Their feel was indie and reminiscent of the 80s. Although they did not get the same response as Mayer, they managed to raise the audience to their feet with their song: “Outfield.”

Through a subtle introduction, simply by introducing the full band on a screen, John Mayer entered the stage. Mayer performed four sets: full band, acoustic, John Mayer Trio and the full band again.

Throughout the course of the concert, Mayer spoke about the Game of Thrones episode fans would miss, jokingly accounting the scenes that would unfold. He also gave brief backgrounds of songs. “I’m more ideas than I am a man,” Mayer said. Yet, he said the song “If I Ever Get Around To Living” makes him feel more like a man. His dry humor caused the whole audience to laugh and to call out “I love you” to which he responded, “I love you too.”

The rest of the concert was comprised of back to back music showcasing his band and a wide array of his music. After two years of silence, the trio was heard once more with “Wait Until Tomorrow”, a fan favorite, among others. Mayer’s voice was as breathy yet smooth as always, complimenting his vibe.

The encore was relentless cheers and much of the audience waved their flashlights. He returned with numerous favorites including “Gravity” and “Still Feel Like Your Man”.

Mayer concluded the show with epilogue: “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me”. He exited out a white door of a white backdrop, seeming to leave in an abyss of pure light.

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