REVIEW: No Bad Blood with Taylor Swift’s 1989 Concert

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From the costumes, enthralling performances and energy she shared with the crowd, Taylor Swift conquered Raymond James Stadium. Her Halloween concert in Tampa was the final concert in the U.S. of the1989 World Tour.

Swift started the night off by welcoming the screaming crowd. The bracelets given to the crowd at the entrance began to light up and the high-pitched squeals got louder and louder with each word.

There were more costume changes than clothes I have in my closet, extremely talented backup dancers, surprise guest performers and equally impressive stage alterations. The night began with intoxicating energy and heat that fueled the crowd throughout her set list. The crowd felt everything Swift sang throughout the evening from painful heartbreak to the hope of carefree teenagers. But the night wasn’t all about Swift. For the eighth song of the night Swift welcomed guest performer Alessia Cara, a young artist Swift spoke very highly of. Cara performed her hit song “Here” from her debut album, Know-It-All, which comes out Nov. 13.

Following Cara’s performance Swift got personal with the crowd. The dancers disappeared and the television screens went black as Swift rose above the crowd, a girl and her acoustic guitar. She sang “Fifteen” to all 56,987 of us like we were all sitting in the living room of her New York apartment. The hearty voices of the crowd made up for the background music as everyone sang their heart out reliving or hoping to avoid the fickle ways of young love.

The highlight of the performance was when Swift stepped out in an Olaf costume, followed by a herd of abnormally coordinated reindeer. She tricked the crowd into believing the costume was purely motivated by Halloween, until Idina Menzel walked on stage dressed as Elsa from Frozen. The duo sang “Let It Go” and encouraged the crowd to do so as well. As they sang it felt like they changed the humid air into a cool breeze that gave life to the sticky crowd.

Swift continuously transitioned from edgy and empowering songs to her innocent tales of love that made all of her fans stand in awe. No matter if Swift was sitting alone onstage with a piano or rotating on a dazzling platform above the crowd, she commanded the attention of every person in the stadium. She gave advice on being comfortable in your own skin, avoiding negativity and surrounding yourself with people you can rely on. Swift illustrated the attributes of a role model anyone can look up to; she was the confident, genuine, cat-loving, inspiring person people around the world all know her to be.

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