2020 Oscar nominations disappoint

Ninety-two years of the Academy Awards and the Academy still cannot seem to get it right. The new year has brought about a fresh list of Oscar nominations accompanied by the usual shroud of controversy. Aside from an obvious lack of diversity, which has proven to be a prominent issue with the ceremony, the slate of nominees feels tired and bland.

To the disappointment of fans, several notable films of 2019 were excluded. Most nominations seem to be more concerned with the buzz surrounding the films than the quality of the films. The Best Picture category looks like it was taken directly from an IGN article on top films of 2019. Joker raked in the most nominations, being included in 11 categories.

Although Joaquin Phoenix’s performance deserves recognition in the Best Actor category, the film seems to take up space in others. The movie itself is not the masterpiece that the militant Detective Comics fan base believes it to be. It’s derivative, overacted and lacks the complexity of the films it tries so hard to be compared to. Todd Phillips is no Martin Scorsese.

Meanwhile, more deserving titles including the Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems and Lulu Wang’s The Farewell received a grand total of zero nominations. These titles had better writing, direction and acting. The issue doesn’t seem to be the actual merit of the films, but rather the buzz surrounding the films. This criterion is completely inappropriate for an award ceremony intended to celebrate artistic merit in the film industry.