It’s a good scare

The adaptation of the novel is the highest-grossing September release in film history, and has become an Internet sensation.

Based on Stephen King’s novel It, the movie of the same name has grabbed the world’s attention with its witty and funny remarks between the protagonists.

The revamp of the original 1990 film has also led to some hilarious memes. Pennywise, more widely known as It, terrorizes and kidnaps children in a small town in Maine during the summer of 1986.

It opens with Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) playing with a wax paper boat when a stream created by rain leads the boat down into the sewer. This is when Pennywise is first introduced, as he persuades Georgie to come into the sewer.

“The Losers’ Club,” as the protagonists are known by, go on a search for Georgie. Along the way, they find and add new members to their group.

The film starts off slow, with Pennywise taunting the children without scaring any of them too much.

Unlike the first film, Pennywise talks a lot to the children.

The combination of more dialogue between Pennywise and the kids and the easy humor of The Losers’ Club brought plenty of relieving moments. Seeing these fearless kids amusingly tell off a terrifying clown helped the audience overcome their fear of Pennywise too.

Because of this, the film was more comedy than horror. Constant banter from lovable, rambling Richie continues to steal a laugh from the audience.

As the movie fades to black, the phrase “Chapter One” flashes on the screen hinting at a sequel.

Since the film’s release, memes have become rampant. One of the most famous memes comes from Pennywise dancing to scare Beverly (Sophia Lillis). However, this dance scene did not scare anyone. In fact, it did the opposite. It brought some humor- and memes- to the horror behind Pennywise.