The Defenders makes it to Netflix

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On August 18, Netflix released a new Marvel miniseries titled The Defenders. The Defenders is about a group of vigilantes who unite together to defeat a common enemy called, “The Hand,” a criminal organization bent on reaching total immortality.

Consistent characters

The group consists of four unlikely heroes: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Each have had their own show before uniting together in The Defenders. The show so far has stayed true to the past series, containing the same themes for each character.

Daredevil is a blind crime-fighting vigilante by night and a defense attorney by day. However, at the end of his storyline, he has many tragedies happen to him affecting his character before uniting with The Defenders.

Jessica Jones, the only female in the group excluding other heroes’ girlfriends, has also had her fair share of tragedies, including the childhood trauma of her adoptive mother being abusive to her.

Working as a Private Investigator, Jones is the most resistant to the idea of being a hero. She does not like the idea of using her super strength for saving others and avoids situations that force her to.

Luke Cage, known in the Marvel comics as Power Man, is the third Defender and has indestructible skin. Luke Cage is also known as the hero of Harlem and the only member who is adamant about saving people, although he doesn’t exactly want to be a hero. Before uniting with the others, Cage was released from prison and discovered a criminal recruiting the youth of Harlem known as the man in the white hat.

He later discovered that the man in the white hat is connected to The Hand which led him to unite with the Iron Fist and then the others.

Danny Rand, who has the alter ego of Iron Fist, is the last so-called hero.

Past reviews

The past shows that contained the main characters have had mixed reviews, excluding Jessica Jones which won a Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. Many claimed that the storyline was dull and slow paced.

This was a big complaint specifically for Iron Fist and Daredevil, the said past shows containing the main characters.

How is the show so far?

The show has not disappointed yet with great on-screen chemistry between all the characters. The lighting of the show was beautifully done as well as the editing. Each scene felt like a masterpiece.

The show is very violent, with most scenes containing carnage, and containing many intimate scenes.

There is a specific scene where Elektra, a character from Daredevil, massacred a group of Hand soldiers; if that doesn’t pique your interest then the show may not be for you.

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