Disney+ is simply brilliant


Courtesy of TechHive

Disney+, a new streaming service made to compete with others such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, was released just a few weeks ago. Many Disney fans anxiously waited for its release and the range of movies, from old classics like “Cinderella” to recent big-budget action films such as “Avengers: Endgame.”

The streaming service costs $6.99, which is less then half of the cost of bigger competitors, such as Netflix ($15.99). And for the same amount of money as a Netflix subscription, you can get a new package deal of Hulu, ESPN+, as well as Disney+. It really is a bang for your buck. The streaming offers all of Disney’s typical arsenal, including all of the television shows and films, but includes new Disney originals, such as “The Mandalorian,” a Star Wars show based in the outskirts of the galaxy, where law can’t reach.

The reason Disney+ is so great is because of the audience of its viewers is so diverse. It ranges from toddlers watching recent movies like “Frozen,” to older generations watching retro films and television shows. “It’s great because I can see shows and movies that I haven’t seen in years,” mathematics teacher Michael Welch said. “’The Simpsons’ is on there which I’m really happy about.”

There are thousands of episodes available on the hot new streaming app, and Disney isn’t showing any signs of backing down after their first few weeks of being on the market. From the fairest prices to a even hotter arsenal of entertainment, Disney+ is the way to go.