What’s poppin this month?

We asked the staff of the r&B about their favorite September trends, memes and pop culture moments. Here's what they had to say.

So Much Fun – Young Thug

Young Thug’s new album, “ So Much Fun” debuted No. 1 on the billboard Top 100 album list. His hit single “The London,” which dropped prior to the albums release, absolutely stormed music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. His top songs of the album, “Hot” featuring Gunna and “Bad Bad Bad” featuring Lil’ Baby have been used as sounds for TikTok, a video entertainment app where people post short skits of jokes or dances online. – Rahul Yalamanchili

Da Baby

Da Baby is popping because he’s the best rapper out in the game right now. He’s a billion-dollar baby who rocks with Big4X (StunnaVegas) and is making his way to the top. Da Baby has a feature with NBA Youngboy and Gucci Mane, called “Richer Than Errybody” that has so many hits. – Jason Cotton

Cardi B

Cardi B has been gaining fame since her last show, “Love and Hip Hop.” Now in 2019, she’s gaining Platinum and Gold al-bums. During he career, she even married a famous artist named Offset, who is in the group with Migos. Her album “Invasion of Privacy” has sold 2.9 million albums. I like it because it combined different cultures that make people want to listen. – Rhonda Bradley


Do you use Twitter? You might be a clown (or perhaps the whole circus). Twitter users have taken to using images of clowns to express their feel-ings when they’ve done something stupid, and aren’t we all just some clowns for real? A common one is an image of a clown surf-ing on a computer with a caption like “Me looking at my SAT scores.” Twitter users, it seems, are down to clown. – Reema Patel

VSCO Girls

If you’ve got a scrunchie on your wrist, a T-shirt that covers your running shorts or a hydroflask in hand, you might be a VSCO girl. VSCO girls have become a internet phenomenon, named after the popular photo editing app VSCO. They’re known for trying to save the turtles one metal straw at a time and sporting homemade friendship bracelets. – Reema Patel

Tik Tok

Previously looked down upon as the inferior successor to Vine, the app known as Tik-Tok has made a commotion in social spheres in the past several weeks. The app, which allows users to post short videos with effects or music, has created viral sensations nearly every week, including dances to Indian remixes of “Hey Panini.”- Jaden Shemesh

IT Chapter 2

Costing up to $79 million, the new “It” movie is sending up chills down people spines. So far, it has a 3.8 star rating. It all started when “Chapter 1” came out and everyone wanted to see it. Now, “Chapter 2” has reached the limits and is now ranked No. 7 on the domestic grosses.- Jaileigh Hardy


Film-industry titans Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures recently cut ties over contracting issues, resulting in the removal of Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This split has sparked outrage in the web-slinger’s large, militant fan base, and even incited a twitter movement calling for the boycott of any material that Sony distributes. –  Javier Cuevas

K-12 Melanie Martinez

A new album was released on Sept. 6 by Melanie Martinez called K-12. To promote the album, Martinez also made a film that contains all the songs and music videos for them. It gives context to the character built by the artist named “Crybaby.” Martinez made these with the thought of “helping people” and to have “an outlet to express creatively.” – Micah Arbelo