This is what’s poppin

We asked students about their favorite summer trends, memes and pop culture moments. Here’s what they had to say...

Area 21

Down in the Nevada Desert lies the top-secret military base known as Area 51. A Facebook user planned an event to storm the base, what started as a joke then became a major internet craze. The event is planned for Sept. 20 later this year, and over 1.5 million Facebook users have reserved a spot for the raid. The goal of the event is to supposedly save the aliens, since the belief is that the government is hiding them from us. The story’s popularity made the news and sparked internet memes.- Azaria Masso

Minecraft videos

It all started in the end of June, when a popular Youtuber by the name of Pewdiepie began a Minecraft series. Ever since then, Minecraft has been the biggest topic in summer 2019. Other than Pewdiepie, more channels are starting their own let’s play of Minecraft and Minecraft channels are skyrocketing in subscribers and views. Its resurgence caused a massive wave of internet memes, including the “Creeper, Aw Man” meme, the Minecraft Parrot dancing meme, and various others. People say Minecraft’s recent surge in popularity is because of the nostalgia it holds to the internet.- Danielle Castro

Orange is the New Black

The new season of Orange Is the New Black is easily one of the best that came out this summer. It’s the final season for this show, with one of the main characters getting released from prison they show us how her life is on the outside. Also, showing us more characters life in prison while they are selling drugs for the officers there. – Josephine Rowe

Hobbs and Shaw

Over the summer one of the most fascinating pop culture events to happen was the release of the movie Hobbs and Shaw. The Hobbs and Shaw movie was a great spin off for the Fast and the Furious franchise because is focused on two characters who were great in the main movies but didn’t get much backstory, which made these two great character more relatable and likeable for the fans and viewers. – Michael Ireland

Hot girl summer

It’s been a hot girl summer because Megan Thee Stallion said so. She dropped “hot girl summer” Summer 19 and not only has it been a bop since but the term “Hot Girl” has been used the ENTIRE summer. Having a “hot girl summer” basically means having fun and not caring about what anyone has to say about you. Being down with all the antics without double thinking.- Synthia Osorio

A$AP Rocky

ASAP Rocky having to pay a fine for defending himself in Sweden. Over the past couple weeks A$AP Rocky has been held in Swedish prison for defending himself in a fist fight and eventually the President of the United States had to intervene to help Rocky get out of prison Trump saying in a tweet “Get home ASAP A$AP!”. Rocky complains he was treated poorly in the Swedish prisons and was frustrated for getting arrested because he was only defending himself.- Jackson Gore