Students visit the Dali Museum

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The Dali Museum, located in St. Petersburg, is currently hosting the Magritte and Dali exhibit titled, ‘See What They See Magritte and Dali.’ This exhibit showcases thousands of pieces of artwork created by Salvador Dali over the course of his life and also features pieces by Rene Magritte. It will be displayed until May 19.

Inside the museum they have two different galleries showcasing the art, the museum also offers a cafe with refreshments, a gift shop, a virtual reality system to get an in-depth experience with the artwork and an outside patio that has Dali’s iconic mustache statue and a wishing tree that guests can tie their wrist bands to the hanging bands from previous guests.

Right now the Dali art museum offers a cloud room that displays projections of moving clouds in an open floor plan room, giving those who visit an aesthetically pleasing place to take very cute photos. Another interactive experience for those who visit is the virtual reality space that they offer, to sit down and put on the headset and look around inside of the art pieces itself. Giving visitors the chance to see the pieces come to life and move, is truly an experience worth having!

The entrance price for students between the ages of 13-17 is seventeen dollars, but after five p.m. on Thursdays it is only ten dollars. So when visiting we decided to go on Thursday after school and we arrived around five o’clock, when walking up to the museum we noticed the long line of people waiting to enjoy this discount as well and we ended up waiting for about fifteen minutes to make our way inside. After we got inside and paid, there was a very long line for an optional headset purchase that gives you information on the art pieces, but because the line was so long we decided to enjoy the art for what it is.

To get to the art galleries, we walked up a spiral staircase that gave an overhead view of the floor below as well as a view of the water outside of the museum. We entered the first gallery and was overwhelmed at the amount of people that were there. Despite how full the room was, the attention was fixated on Dali’s art. In the gallery they also had interactive activities such as screens that you stand in front of that would turn you into a piece of his art, as well as mirrors and other objects that represented his style of surrealism.

From our experience we loved being able to walk around, see his art and experience some fun interactive incentives for people of all ages to enjoy, although we would also recommend trying to find a day that the museum is less busy so that you are able to really get up close to these masterpieces. Overall it was a wonderful experience and we would definitely go again; we give it a five star rating for how fun, creative, and whimsical they made the museum for an artist that defined surrealism and creativity. A true representation of Salvador Dali and his work.