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From what kind of ice cream you are to your future career, Buzzfeed quizzes offer insight you didn’t even know you needed on who you are and who you will be.

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Buzzfeed is a media company that provides news and entertainment to people around the world. One of their most well-known aspects is their interactive quizzes that give participants a sense of their personality traits, and everything from the type of food they are and where they should be living. The quizzes that Buzzfeed offers range from guessing games to finding out your deepest fears.

These quizzes may offer you details about yourself that you may have never known about until you took the quiz and got your results. But do they actually help you better understand yourself? Junior Kiersten Andrews is doubtful. “Although they’re fun to take and it’s interesting to see the results, I don’t know how accurate they are,” Andrews said. Many see these quizzes as a good way to pass time, but a reason people find them so enjoyable could be that they’re learning more about themselves.

Some quizzes offer self-insight, but others are more light-hearted. Among quizzes that try to guess the taker’s worst fear or their most dominant personality trait are ones that guess what type of food they are or what Netflix show they should binge watch.

Many of these quizzes seem to have serious results, but are revealed to be jokes at the end. Junior Navya Banharam recalls one such quiz that she took. “It told me what place I should travel to based on what food I liked,” Banharam said. “I picked cheesecake and it told me to go to Antarctica.” Some of Buzzfeed’s most popular quizzes include: ‘Why are you single?’, ‘Which pop star should be your best friend?’ and ‘What career should you actually have?’. These quizzes incorporate trends in pop culture such as well-known celebrities, and the newest movies and TV shows.

Another aspect of some Buzzfeed quizzes is their ability to affect self-perception. “The quizzes are a cool way to get to know yourself,” junior Nia Arellano said. “I think they do kind of have an affect on your self-image which then affects your outer image”.

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