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Savion Fordham (10) and Rafael Carrion (11) rigged a white quad the first morning of racing as the sun rose behind them.

Crew team advances to Nationals

Harmony Tarpein April 10, 2017

Before the sun began to peak over the horizon, rowers shuffled slowly up to the boat trailer to begin a long weekend of intense competition. At 6:30 am, the work began. Over the next two days, the...

Junior Luis Cuevas prepares the crowd for the sacrifice while freshman Vivek Kondapavuluru beats on a water cooler.

Crew continues competition tradition

Michael Strobl April 6, 2017

The loud banging of water jug drums ring through the air. The Hillsborough River is flooded with a mixture of protein powder, fish and pudding. Prayers are being made to the river gods for good luck...

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