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Hillsborough’s softball team beats Brandon, 15-8

Prepping for a bunt, players on first and third base get low to scoop the ball when it comes to them.
April 5, 2017

It's almost silent on the field. So silent you can almost hear the steady breathing of the pitcher before she releases the ball. In one swift movement, the ball connects with the bat sending a thundering...

Behind the scenes of a girls softball game

Sophomore Jade Mention cheers on her team from the dugout.
With a record of 3-5, the softball team is not often known as one of the most dominate teams in the school. However, spending a game with the team makes it easy to see that it definitely has spirit and spunk. According to members, the team's bond stems from its pre-game routines. Here’s the rundown:
March 16, 2017

3:30-4:00 One of the team moms brings dinner to the field house, and after setting up, everyone digs in. Today, wings are on the menu, yet the real excitement seems to come from the waves of screams that...

Robinson tops girls softball 14-0

Anticipating the crack of the ball, Lady Terrier Shania Walker inches off the base.
February 14, 2017

The girl's softball team fell short against Robinson on Feb. 14. In a total of five innings, the Lady Terriers lost 14-0 in the first game of the season. "There was an opportunity for these girls to...

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